By: Deb Kitchenmaster

You know those ordinary days when something out of the ordinary comes into your life and that experience gets tattooed on the fabric of your memory? A shift occurs inside and you simply are not the same. This was one of those days.

My interest piqued when another horseperson told me about an upcoming equine clinic. Desire and interest encouraged me to pursue the details.

Attendance turned out to include several states from our U.S.A. and a couple of other countries. Diversity filled this arena of varied interests in dogs, cats, equine, and llamas. The venue was a beautiful 20-stall stable. Horses were brought in for our hands-on classes and care. One horse arrived with some concerning vices and was ONLY to be handled by an experienced trainee who had arrived for classes. We traveled to a classroom setting close by where lectures and tests were administered. It was five full days of learning, interacting with animals and people, and building relationships.

Evenings, we would gather around a campfire and share stories. I heard a term I had never heard before that made me smile. “Glow bugs.” The fireflies had come out, and these two friends who had flown in for classes were sitting around the fire when one said to the other, “Oh look!  Glow bugs.” Lightening bugs or fireflies were not a common sight in their asphalt jungle.

Our final day was upon us. Written test in the morning and protocol testing at the barn in the afternoon. Each of us was assigned an animal, the timing of our testing, and who would be grading our work with the animal. I was up for testing. Who was I assigned? Are you serious? The special needs horse! My response was two-fold. Within, I asked Jesus to help me, and then I took a deep breath.

With halter and a man with a clipboard, I entered the stall. The horse had a continuous program going on in his head, and everything inside of me wanted to hack his program. What a gorgeous stallion! What a presence! I experienced a ‘shift.’ No longer was this about a test; it was all about the horse standing in front of me displaying a program of performance, performance, performance. After haltering him, I asked the instructor if I could have a moment. He affirmed by nodding. Then IT happened! I SAID to the horse these words, “You are more than a breeding machine.” Seven words! Seven simple words! Do you know what that horse did? He let out the biggest sigh I have yet to hear come out of a horse. It’s like THANK GOD! The testing began. The protocol involved three figure-eight patterns. This required me to lead the stallion out in the alleyway to fulfill these patterns. People testing at the other end of the barn questioned what horse did I have in hand? When the program in the horse’s head was interfered with, behavior and mannerism became visible. The horse did not go crazy or was unmanageable outside his stall. It was absolutely amazing!

What happened? Spoken words! Genesis is a Greek word meaning origin or beginning. What fun to identify with “AND GOD SAID” and to see what happened from spoken words? I encourage you to read the first couple of chapters in Genesis and underline those three words. In Genesis2:7, “Then the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath or the spirit of life, and man became a living being.” The spirit of life or living being in original language means SPEAKING SPIRIT. Man became a speaking spirit. According to Proverbs 18:21, the power of life or death is in the tongue.

That moment in the stall reflected to me the power of spoken words. Like a burning bush, it got my attention. What about our nation? Do you think if we began speaking these four words — “AMERICA SHALL BE SAVED” — together in unity, we could shift? In the midst of programs, let us speak “AMERICA SHALL BE SAVED.”  In the midst of lies, “AMERICA SHALL BE SAVED.”  In the midst of deception, “AMERICA SHALL BE SAVED.” In the midst of negativity; confusion; and twisted thoughts, ideas, and suggestions, “AMERICA SHALL BE SAVED.”