Rattle Them Palings And More: Pastor/Coach Tee Jackson’s Short Stories

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

Tee Jackson is an ardent fan of the King, the Kingdom, and the SEC, in that order. He has coached just about every sport there is, including spotting for gymnastics, and he has always had a heart to help kids. He is also the pastor of Shanghai Baptist Church, and has ministered in a number of capacities in our area. As far as the SEC is concerned, Tee has taught and coached in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. He jokingly said that if he comes out of retirement, he might head to Kentucky. Tee is also the newly published author of several small books, all of which are short stories that happen to be true and are meant to encourage.

When Tee was a child, there were two people who spoke deeply into his life, and they probably didn’t even know it, at least at the time. One was a man who came to all of his Little League baseball games, and when he was up to bat, the man, whose name was “Bones” Jones, would holler, “Rattle them palings, Tee!  Rattle them palings!!” That statement is the equivalent of “Swing for the fences,” and Tee never forgot it. One of Tee’s books is entitled, Rattle Them Palings. As is the case with each, it has six short stories, and Palings is designed to encourage through stories of perseverance, God’s power in nature, and divine protection. The other person that greatly influenced Tee was his 5th grade teacher, Liza Lou Barnes. Miss Liza Lou taught history, and when Tee went to college, he became an educator and a coach.

The titles of Tee’s book are: Lean In and See Jesus, Lessons We Remember, Rattle Them Palings, and Must Have Been A God Thing! More than anything, he wants people to experience easy-to-readexamples of how God is still at work in the lives of those who love him.Because the stories are true and go back several decades, Tee wanted to make sure that they were written down and not lost. He had told them many times over the years, and began to put them to paper. Here is what some have said about his work Must Have Been a God Thing! — a thought-provoking narrative.

“Must Have Been a God Thing! is the creation of published author, Tee Jackson, a devoted husband, loving father, and retired educator.

“Jackson shares, ‘You will read of detailed occurrences that are both true and yet, seemingly unordinary. I encourage you to look carefully into your own life to determine if God might be sending special messages to you while yet you are unaware.’”

Must Have Been a God Thing! makes an affordable study book for small groups and/or a special gift for a friend. I would have you to discover God’s perfect plan for your life. I encourage you to turn your attention to Jesus Christ for your direction in life. You could not have a better friend!”

“Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Tee Jackson’s new book is an inspiring series of tales that will encourage one’s faith.”

“The author invites readers to consider the moments in life where they may have felt a guiding hand and encourages them to reflect on the power of faith.”

Tee also speaks about joy and his desire for readers to experience it:

“There is a certain joy in my heart that I long to share with others. Great multitudes of people exist on this earth, never experiencing or even being aware of that joy. The joy can be shared by word of mouth, by example, or by the printed word. Our days are numbered just as all who have preceded us, who live now, and of unborn generations. With that in mind, it is with gratitude and humility that this manuscript is offered for your review. This writing is dedicated to the joy that gives mankind a reason to live, a song in our heart, and a hope for the future. May you sense the presence of Jesus Christ in your life as I have in mine. He is that joy!”

Tee wants Athens Now readers to know that the books are priced to make great birthday or holiday gifts, ones that can bring hope and joy in these difficult times. All four of the titles, Lessons We Remember, Rattle Them Palings, Lean In and See Jesus, and Must Have Been A God Thing! are available on amazon.com and christianfaithpublishing.com, and Tee has two more books in the works. Order them for yourselves, or others, and spread the joy!

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner