Radio Intro

By: Lana E. Woody

Hello, this is Roy Williams the guru of good health, the superintendent of supplementation. Thank you for listening to Today’s Health Update, the radio program that you can depend on to bring you the truth. In the book of John 8:32, Jesus teaches us that, “The truth will set you free.” Once you understand that the truth sets you free, you will begin to understand that the lies you believe will hold you in bondage.

That is why this program is often called, Getting Real With Roy. The world we live in today is full of deceptions, deceptions that have only one purpose and that is to allow the powers that be to maintain control over our lives.

If you believe their deceptions you will become dependent on their ideas, their products, their way of life. They will try and convince you that health, happiness and knowledge can only be obtained if you believe what they teach.

Unfortunately, what they teach only makes you more dependent. Only if you do what they say, go where they want you to go, buy what they want you to buy, believe what they want you to believe can you reach a higher level of security and happiness.

Yes, Today’s Health Update is about physical health but it is also about mental and spiritual health as well. After all we are mind, body, and soul.

In these programs I ask the tough questions. Do you believe that politicians will solve all societies problems, that government has the answers, that pharmaceutical drugs will create health, that wealth creates happiness, that guns kill people, that health care and education are rights, that man can do all things without God?

By listening to Today’s Health Update, you will learn why I call the FDA the “false data administration,” why I refer to the RDA as the “recommended death allowance,” why they hope you never find out that almost all disease is preventable, and in many cases reversable. With that understanding you will learn what I would do if I were diagnosed with almost any disease, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, gout, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, weight loss, IBS, or any other disorder.

In reality Today’s Health Update is about you. So, sit back and listen because it is time once again to get real with Roy.

Radio exit from show:

Thank you for listening to Today’s Health Update. May I suggest that you listen every Monday through Friday, and if you like what you hear, tell everyone you know to listen as well.

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With over 30 years of natural health studies, over a thousand interviews on radio and television, thousands of articles on natural health, and having worked with thousands of people from all over the world, I truly believe that almost all disease is preventable and reversable.

So, if you are sick and tired of going to the doctor just to be told you need another prescription or surgery, or you need to see another specialist and you have decided to support your health naturally, then go to NHC Herbs in Killen, Herbs & More in Athens, or Reflections in Lawrenceburg and tell them you heard Roy on the radio and receive a 25% discount or visit our website at That’s

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Your Friend in Health,

Lana E. Woody