Publisher’s Point: New Voices In A New Year

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

Since 2007, Athens Now has done its best to walk in the lane of its tagline: “Information and Inspiration,” and that necessitates that we have a pool of writers to provide the “I and I” that make the paper what it is. Over the years we have had diverse writers and topics, which have ranged from fishing to finance.

We are pleased to introduce three new writers to our paper, and you’ll find their inaugural columns contained herein. They are Detri McGhee, Sonya Fehér, and Adam Dodson. To all I say a hearty “welcome,” and I know that their thoughts and experiences will serve nicely to inform and inspire.

I met Detri (pronounced DEE-truh) at an author’s conference 15 years ago in Los Angeles. We have had adventures that have included a memorable road trip from Las Vegas to Arkansas, attending conferences together, and sharing life. She has experience as a certified life (insurance) underwriter and chartered financial counselor, and has worked in the ministry as well as in the market place. Her book and course entitled Criticism Management I think should be required reading for anyone who wants to learn how to thrive in spite of being stung by peoples’ words or actions. Her column entitled, “McGhee On Management” is going to cover a number of topics, whether it’s managing others or oneself.

Speaking of management, we could all use help managing our stuff, whether it’s clothes, papers or clutter, and Sonya Fehér, who is an author, podcaster, life coach and personal organizer who trains other personal organizers around the world has graciously agreed to help us out. Sonya is proof that even the most cluttered amongst us can learn to manage their space, and I can say from having interviewed her for the paper as well as on the radio, it has been pure joy. She was firmly of the belief that she would never be able to conquer her own chaos, but conquer she has, and she is paying it forward to empower others to do the same. Her column is called, “Space For What’s Important,” and her gift is to help you find that out for yourself, and then design an organizational approach that fits your style.

Lastly, when veteran radio sports broadcaster Tim Lambert had to step down from writing “Play Action Sports,” he did us a solid and found a fine replacement by the name of Adam Dodson. Adam for several years was the sports writer for the Athens News Courier and also has a show on WKAC called 256 Sports Radio. Adam has an uncommon understanding of the potential for positive impact in the lives of kids through sports, and his column will be called “256 Youth Sports Spotlight.” I am grateful to have these new voices in a new year, and I am confident that you will find their offerings to be educational, entertaining, and motivating.

I have to say once again that I feel like the most blessed woman on the planet. I get to tell stories and help others do the same. I have a team that I genuinely enjoy, a First Amendment that protects us all, and every first and third Friday of each month, we are glad to give you “I and I,” information and inspiration. A happy and prosperous new year to all y’all!