Publisher’s Point: Macy Petty Makes Her Point Again

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

Many days I cringe at the prospect of being even remotely associated with the media industry, especially as it pertains to social media madness being considered equivalent to what journalism is supposed to be. And then there are the days when I get to cheer at the use of social media to speak truth that is actually true to power that is perverse.

Such is the case with a recent abuse of identity that affected a young woman by the name of Macy Petty. Macy is unashamedly conservative, Christian, pro-life and pro-woman. She is a collegiate volleyball player who first made her media splash with far-reaching ripples when she “spoke to the woke” as it pertains to women’s sports being in danger of being marginalized to the point of extinction when women are forced to compete on the court with “women” who were born men. Her presentations on the topic are courageous and compelling.

However, it is something else entirely to take on the likes of former First Lady and U.S. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and California Governor Gavin Newsom as well as the DNC over the egregious misuse of someone’s identity; in this case that of Macy and trying to make her appear distraught over the end of Roe v Wade.

Here is what happened. On the day that Roe was “no mo,’” Macy was outside in the hot DC weather with other pro-life activists waiting to hear the outcome. When the news came, she fell to her knees and wept with relief, praise, and joy. Her response was filmed, and then turned into an ad used by the DNC and their surrogates trying to portray her tears as being just the opposite. The word “sad” appeared over her head.

However, not surprisingly, Miss Macy is pushing back. She went on Twitter and said the following to Mrs. Clinton: “Hey Hillary, I’m the girl crying in this video,” pro-life activist Macy Petty tweeted at Clinton on Oct. 20. “I am pro-life and those are HAPPY tears because I just witnessed a MIRACLE!”

In Macy’s open letter to Newsom, Clinton and those who created the video, she alleged the footage “portrayed me in an evil light and distorted my emotions as part of your political games. You selected the portion in which I fell to my knees in tears,” Petty continued. “At this moment, I witnessed a miracle. I was overwhelmed. As I continued to witness history, I pondered how lucky I was to witness such an event. I thanked the Lord for this decision and for opening my eyes to the evil of abortion. This is what brought me to tears.”

In an interview with The Christian Post Macy said, “I’m part of a generation of pro-life activists. My mom worked at a pregnancy center, and my grandma started one. So it’s in my blood. And I was just so grateful to be there to witness it because there are so many people who were in the fight before me who didn’t get to witness it.”

We all know of Hollywood celebrities who have successfully sued the National Enquirer over less and have won handily in court. Makes me wonder what might be ahead for this refreshing upstart. May Macy continue to make her point.