Plastic Recycling Returns To Athens-Limestone Recycling Center

By Ruby McCartney


On Tuesday, July 6, plastic recycling returned for residents at Athens-Limestone Recycling Center (ALRC). However, we want to make sure that residents understand what can and cannot be recycled at ALRC.

When it comes to plastic recycling at ALRC, only container plastics #1, #2, and #5 are recyclable, with CONTAINER being the key word. There is a number inside of a recycling symbol usually located on the bottom of the containers. If the container does not have the numbers 1, 2, or 5, it is not recyclable at our facility.

There are other plastic items that may or may not have these numbers, but they are not accepted by our plastics buyers, so they are not recyclable at our facility. Examples of items NOT ACCEPTED are plastic toys, lawn furniture, siding, garden hoses, children’s riding toys (the batteries in these may be brought for recycling but not the toy). The best rule to follow is if it is not a container, then please do not bring it for recycling. If any of these items are dropped off, they will go into the trash, so please help us keep our cost down and dispose of these items properly in your trash.

Plastic bags and film recycling also returned at ALRC, but this is not just limited to your grocery and retail bags. It also includes plastic film such as your dry cleaning bags, newspaper sleeves, case over-wrap from paper towels, napkins, and bathroom tissue. Examples of other plastic bags and film items accepted are bubble wrap and air pillows, electronic film packaging, mattress bags, furniture wrap, produce bags, cereal box liners, bread bags (must be turned inside out and crumbs removed), reclosable plastic food storage bags that are clean and dry (no food residue can be left inside), and ice bags (turned inside out and clip removed and allowed to dry).

The following plastic bag items are NOT recyclable at our facility:  frozen food bags, pre-washed salad mix bags, laminate film, cheese bags, and degradable bags. PLEASE DO NOT put these items in with your recycling. It requires employees to take the time to pick them out by hand, and they will go into the trash.

ALRC is still accepting the following for recycling: flattened cardboard boxes, office paper, magazines, junk mail, shredded paper (please leave in bag), newspaper, books, steel/tin cans, any scrap steel, aluminum cans and any scrap aluminum, glass bottles and jars (sorted by colors clear, blue & green, and brown), used motor oil, used cooking oil, electronics (there is a $10 fee for televisions), and batteries (except alkaline).

ALRC is happy to be able to accept all of these items again, but our hours are limited. Drop-off hours are Monday through Friday (unless there is a holiday) from 6:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (bins are pulled promptly at 2:30 pm).  Unfortunately, it will still be a few weeks before the community collection centers (trailers at schools) are in place and open again. We are working hard to make this service available for our residents as soon as we possibly can.

“We recycle today for a better tomorrow”

By: Ruby McCartney

Plant Manager Athens-Limestone Recycling Center