Perfect Your Aim In 2024

By: D. A. Slinkard

We have found ourselves flipping the calendar page to a new year, and 2024 is already in full swing ahead. I cannot believe how fast 2023 came and went, but I should not seem surprised because the older I get the faster time is passing by. In 2023, I celebrated some major milestones as I celebrated being married to my wife for 20 years along with having an eighteen-year-old daughter. I do not feel old enough to have a child quickly entering adulthood but here I am. It seems just like yesterday I too was beginning my trek into adulthood.

I want 2024 to be the best year of my life, and I want the same for you too! I am geared up for this year, and I already know what topics I will be writing on for each article. And though the times may be changing – my thought process has not changed much at all. I still believe in the power of positive thinking; I still believe in working hard; I still believe in putting our mind to accomplishing big things; and this is going to be the year which we bring it all together.

If you want big things to happen, you must plan for big things to occur, and it starts with goal setting. No matter when you are reading this article, whether it be the first of January or the end of January, it is important that you start writing down your goals you want to accomplish this year. I still am amazed how many people never take the time to write down their goals, and then wonder why they never do anything great in their life. Begin today by writing down exactly what you want to accomplish this year. Take the time and put your thoughts onto paper, whether it be handwritten or typed.

Sadly, most people will never take the time to write down their goals and this is a major recipe for disaster. We need to visually see our goals, and this is why it is vitally important you take the time to write your goals down and place them in a location you will see frequently. Why is this important? We become so short-minded that we tend to forget what our long-term goals are but when we have that reminder before us, our chances of achieving these goals increase. We need to be reminded of what we want to achieve early and often.

Now is the time to think of some high-traffic areas, whether in your home, your vehicle, or even at work, where you can begin placing your written goals, and yes, you do want them in areas you are going to be seeing on a daily basis. The more often you are reminded of what your goal is, the better opportunities

you have to engrain the goal into your everyday routine. Does this sound hard? Does it sound complicated? If you answered, “No,” it is because it is not hard and it is not difficult. But too many people pass on this small exercise because they lack the vision of understanding that the only thing standing between you and your goals – is you.

I am a believer that if you can believe it then you can achieve it, but it is going to take some work. Now is the time for you to begin laying the groundwork for a successful 2024. If last year was not exactly what you wanted out of life or even if it was, either way, we cannot look backwards to see our future successes or failures. We can only look forward and our success is going to be determined by what our goals are going to be and what we are willing to do in order to achieve these goals.

When we do the little things in life, this is where we find the value. When we take small steps to bring us closer to achieving our goals, this is how we win at the game of life; however, if you never write down your goals – you will not be able to gauge your progress. When you write down your goals, it is important to be as specific as possible. The more specific we are, the greater chances are of achieving our goals because too many of us are walking around without the proper idea of what we want to achieve. Thus, we aim for nothing and hit it every time.

By: D. A. Slinkard

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