Mindset Matters – When The Funk Hits

By: Nick Thomas

Ever gotten the “just-do-it-anyway” advice?

That can be great and all but sometimes it is just deeper than that. Occasionally there is just a funk that slips in for no real apparent reason. A feeling so intense that it is hard to shake. It sets in and takes control sucking all the energy out of the body and leaving the mind in a deep, dark place. All motivation is gone and life seems to have lost its meaning.

Embrace these feelings, deal with what is going on. Suppressing the emotions will help nothing. Sometimes the body is saying it needs rest; however, a lot of times it is actually craving active change. Change is hard on any level, but mostly it is just plain difficult to put it in motion when it is needed most.

The mind is far more powerful than we can even begin to imagine. The body can be pushed beyond what seems possible if the mind is focused. There is truth found in one’s activity level which will be what determines both mental and physical health. The natural chemicals in the body which release during a workout or other physical activity are positive mentally. So do not stop moving in some way!

It takes immeasurable strength to do the following but it will cultivate undeniable resilience. When the funk has hit, take a day and sort it out, make sure health wise that everything is good. Take time to rest and replenish the body and mind a bit. Do the things that bring a smile, a little “selfcare” as pop culture says. Do not neglect good, all-natural nutrition during this time. By day two or three, if things are not bouncing back, it is time to set the wheels of motion in the right direction. The tough part.

First, it must be stated that EVERYONE has this happen, even the ones you think never struggle. The difference is how it is handled. It is all about keeping the right people and habits in life. The whole idea behind getting through the tough days when it comes to health and fitness is discipline, and not just when life is tough. It is the consistency in which life is led every single day that makes the difference.

Discipline and consistency are pretty easy when the mind is clear and everything is going well, so make sure it is kept. It is when the little bumps in the road happen that the struggle begins.  The key is to remember that no matter what happens always go back to what is proven, back to the basics of fitness and nutrition. This will not only create the true habits that become routine, it develops the resilience which leads to triumph when the funk creeps in, and will actually help keep it to a minimum. The body craves routine. When things get tough, it usually leads to simply going through the motions of life; if the motions are positive overall, the fight through the funk will be much easier, and should ultimately last for a shorter time.

The really hard part is evaluating in the midst of the funk. The funk itself probably means it is time to change up the routine a bit. Maybe it is a change in nutrition or in workout style or location. It could be more sleep is needed OR maybe the grind has been a little too intense and it is time to back off a bit. Yes, there is such a thing as over training.

Have someone in your life that understands you, your lifestyle, and your goals…someone who is positive and is only a phone call away. When it is time for this evaluation, they are the trusted one called on to help make the final decisions, hold you accountable, and push you through to the next level.

By: Nick Thomas

owner of Prime Performance Training, and Certified Sports Nutritionist