McGhee On Management: Using Criticism In Your Favor

By: Detri L. McGhee

“Criticism management” may be a new term to you, but it addresses a multitude of age-old, universal problems. Fear of criticism gives peer pressure its power. Misuse of criticism crushes dreams and promotes lies. Inadequate criticism-management skills guarantee that the dreaded “Annual Job Performance Reviews” are virtually useless exercises consuming valuable time, energy, and emotion at best, and monsters of dreadful destruction at their worst.

Refusal to accept valid criticism stifles our growth and success. Equally as destructive is the refusal to release our minds from criticism’s destructive power and hateful self-talk. Either error magnifies the negative energy required merely to cope with our life situations, much less triumph over them – and in the midst of them.

I will often ask my clients, “If you could control the results of all the criticism ever leveled against you, and virtually guarantee that even your staunchest foes could not truly harm you, how would life change?” Invariably they tell me, “Dramatically.”

I have been blessed to work in the financial and insurance worlds, for church organizations and not-for-profits. I have been a trainer, and I am the author of CRITICISM MANAGEMENT: A Speedy Growth Process. I am currently working with corporations on EI (Emotional Intelligence) Training for all levels of employees, and with individuals and small groups on more personal levels. My book is scheduled for release in the spring of 2024.

CRITICISM MANAGEMENT training brings wisdom, direction, tools, thoughts to ponder, and simple methods to apply to the handling of any and all criticism you will ever face.

Some questions you might consider are:

· How well do you handle criticism? Or, a better question is usually — How well do OTHERS think you handle criticism?

· How can I get value from an undeserved, incorrect criticism?

· Should it matter WHO brings the criticism? Or HOW they deliver that criticism?

· Why would I want to listen to a mean-spirited criticism?

· What is the best response to a criticism from my boss? Or a co-worker? Or a subordinate at work? Or a family member?

Through the CRITICISM MANAGEMENT program, many issues are addressed and valuable information and techniques for growth are developed.

Warren Buffett says the most profitable investment we can make is investing in our own education and knowledge. Taylor Swift told her Swifties from the stage that they should not let other people’s opinions dictate their views of themselves. Even if you are not a great fan of either, you probably agree that both have attained a high level of success in their chosen fields, and just might have some valuable opinions.

Several other benefits from EI Training, specifically addressed in the CRITICISM MANAGEMENT Program are:

· Improved impact on people where you live and work

· Greater understanding and management of the emotions of yourself & others in moments of tension & conflict

· Deeper connection with your employees, co-workers, friends, and perhaps most importantly, your family

· Some practical ways to handle sudden crisis events

· Greater appreciation of diversity and how to treasure and benefit from that diversity

Studies have shown that people with better developed emotional intelligence skills, as criticism management provides, have greater mental health, job performance, and leadership skills. Personal and professional life benefits. Our website is: where we give you a FREE complete outline of our managing criticism technique. This site is being updated, so if you should have trouble reaching us, email to: or call/text Detri directly at 870-370-0160. Corporate training, speaking engagements, individual and group coaching opportunities are filled through January, but new Zoom groups open in March and a few training spots remain in February.

By: Detri L. McGhee

Certified Life Underwriter,

Chartered Financial Counselor