Healing Technology Hidden And Revealed

By: Roy Williams

As many of you know, there are technologies existing that have been hidden from society for many generations now. Just one example can be read in a book called Politics and Healing that actually reveals seven, all-natural, cures for cancer that have been banned from use by the American public. Each product is discussed in detail and most have medical experts that explain what type of cancer the patient was diagnosed with and how after a few weeks or months, using the natural supplements, were clinically proven to be cancer free.

Now, you may be questioning, how could this be true? Why would our own government allow all-natural, totally safe methods of destroying cancer in the human body to be banned from use? To keep it as simple as I can in this article, these methods are so inexpensive and effective that it would destroy a huge part of the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry.

In this article, I am going to reveal a new technology that is going to sweep this nation and the world over the next few years. This technology has already been proven safe and works with your own body to regenerate stem cells, which are abundant and active when we are young but as we age many become dormant and inactive. As a result, we age faster, heal slower, and die younger from disease that otherwise would have almost no effect on us at all.

What am I talking about? Frequency, light, and magnetic field technology. Most of us have heard of Nikola Tesla who was a Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, and futurist best know for his contributions to the design of modern alternating current (AC) electrical supply system. He also created several patents that were (supposedly) stolen by the government and kept from the public.

Thanks to President Donald Trump and his decision to declassify large amounts of information, much of the technology is being released to the public. Albert Einstein said, “The future of medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.” Ancient Greek “Father of Medicine” Hippocrates said, “If there was a way to heat the bones, then all diseases can be treated.”

It is becoming more obvious than ever before that our modern day sick-care system has no desire to ever cure another disease. You cannot find one true cure for any disease in the last 70 years. That is not because they do not exist, it is because there is simply too much money in treating the symptoms of disease. What we have is a monopoly on a money-making machine called medicine. The pharmaceutical industry now has so much power that they not only can, but will block any and all true and inexpensive cures from ever being made available to the public.

Now for the good news. Thanks to the declassification, an amazing healing support terahertz (light wave technology) is being released and we are happy to say that it is now available at Herbs & More in Athens and NHC Herb Shop in Killen. The Frequency Wand is a hand-held device that uses this amazing technology to support natural health by stimulating the dormant stem cell back into action. YES, you read that correctly ACTIVATE STEM CELLS in your body, which allows the body to heal itself as God designed it to do.

As the Frequency Wand is waved over specific areas of the body activating the stem cells, your own natural healing begins, which can result in many improvements such as: decreased pain – improving conditions of the eyes including glaucoma, dry eyes and cataracts – symptoms of the heart and circulatory system – frozen shoulder and other joint conditions including arthritis – coughs, colds, flu and asthma – fever and infections – healthier breasts tissue – supports digestion and gastrointestinal issues – the sexual organs – remorids and prostate – insomnia – hyperthyroidism – high blood pressure – diabetes – migraines and many more. Results differ with each person. You are unique.

The Frequency Wand works much like a blow dryer. Just plug it in and set the strength of the air and the amount of heat and then wave it over the body as instructed. Most people notice improvements in just a few treatments. It can be done at home using it personally or with a companion who uses it while you relax. In my opinion, this is just the beginning of a technology that is gong to change the way we not only treat disorders, it may prove to be effective at slowing down the aging process and preventing many diseases that are almost epidemic in America and around the world.

To learn more, contact us at Herbs & More in Athens, NHC Herb Shop in Killen or call us at 256-757-0660. We provide free information and will gladly demonstrate it for anyone who would like to learn more.

Your friend in health,

Roy P.