Go Figure

By: Deb Kitchenmaster

This TRUE story that I am about to tell you has to do with 5 horses and the figure 8 symbol. When we can identify some meaning with a particular number, it can open our eyes to our understanding and bring refreshing clarity to us. Let’s take the number 8 for example. Some of the meanings associated with this number are great balance and stability, selflessness, victory, prosperity, and overcoming. If asked to define the number eight in one word, that would be NEW. Eight represents a new beginning, new order, new creation, hope, a bright future and new horizons. Awesome number, huh!

Awakening to new, fresh mercy brought a gladness and rejoicing to my soul that early morn. It was an ordinary day. My husband had a scheduled healthcare appointment that day at the house. She arrived. I was upstairs in my study when I noticed a car slowly driving down our driveway. I announced that someone was here, and the healthcare person responded to me by telling me it was her daughter coming to pick her up. She had dropped her mom off earlier. Then right before my eyes I see five horses in the southeast corner of the pasture lift their heads and come running single file, tails flagged to the northwest corner by the carport. What was this about?

I immediately come downstairs and the three of us are now standing on the front porch watching five horses, single file, form a perfect pattern of the figure eight. It was PERFECT! The car had arrived at the carport and eye-witnessed what we were seeing; 5 horses, single-file complete a figure 8 design by themselves! This lady looked at me and asked, “What are they doing?” The horses were calm energy, active but calm. They were peaceful and had an order about their movement. I said, “I don’t know.” What came out of my mouth next opened a door of communication that is tattooed on my heart. “Someone in that car must need this,” I told her. She looked at me and asked how long we had lived in this area. I told her and then came THE STORY. One that I had no idea about, but the horses somehow KNEW.

Some years back, a call came forth to officers to check out an apartment. Something wasn’t right. At the scene, two young children were found abandoned. This woman had adopted these two children. They were out in the car! Her teenage daughter had dropped her mom at our house, went and picked up her siblings, and returned after 45 minutes to pick up their mom.

Years had passed, when a door of opportunity swung wide open for me to study Animal B.E.S.T. (bio-energy synchronization technique). I chose to step through this door. What lovely people! I did classroom activities, passed tests, worked with horses, cats, and dogs completing case studies on several animals and passing the protocol (hands-on) under the skilled eye of a certified practitioner. It was in this study that I discovered ‘cross-crawl configuration.’ Simply, the figure 8 pattern. While working energetically with animals the figure 8 pattern is used three times within a session. Why? To reset the central nervous system. Go figure!

Five horses (5=grace) knew a reset was needed INSIDE. Inside a car. Inside souls. And they selflessly brought this healing to two precious people for victory and for overcoming blocked trauma: releasing NEW. Thank you ABBA, Father, for YOUR HEALING POWER FLOWING THROUGH THESE HORSES.

What a classroom on an ordinary day. Remain teachable and open your heart to Perfect Love.  Sometimes you may not understand what really is going on. That’s okay, SOMEONE who knows you cares deeply about you and hears the cry of your heart. Now, your cry may be annoying or disturbing to those around you but not to PERFECT UNFAILING LOVE.

Love was seen through the action of five horses to reset the internal thermostat of two little people in front of adults that eye-witnessed this reset but at the time didn’t have a clue what was going on. That understanding came later but not understanding it did not prevent the POP (Presence Overcoming Pain).


Your ‘NEIGH’ – bor,

Deb Kitchenmaster