Don’t Stay Trapped Inside Your Head

By: Lana Woody

Everyone has had experience with the effects of stress and anxiety on their minds and bodies. It is the one pain that is so hard to deal with because it is elusive. It isn’t enough that we have so much to do and not enough time to get it all done, but then it actually can cause physical pain with long term repercussions. We worry about what hasn’t happened yet and about what has already happened. It keeps us awake at night from time to time. It actually causes our body to produce more hormones, our adrenaline starts to kick in, and then we feel worse later for having been put in a stressful situation. Our brains respond to toxic levels of stress in a similar fashion, but some people become more affected than others. Trauma-induced stress has even been detected in infants, and the good news is, total recovery is possible!

It has been said that the brain is, in fact, like a record and has “tracks.” That is why some people say they only have a one-track mind! There are pathways built in the brain that respond to certain stimuli the same way every time, until the person consciously makes the decision to think about something else. Our brain actually gets stuck on that train of thought. This is the reason we manifest what we think about, because we focus on what we don’t want, then we create it, and the cycle repeats. We can learn to pick up the record needle and skip that track.

Some people never learn this stress-relief technique. Many become chemically dependent in search of relief from their mental anguish caused by reliving the stress-induced trauma. People turn to psychiatrists and look for people to talk to, which at times can be counterproductive. Talking and reliving the trauma extensively can cause someone to stay stuck on that track. They may feel an immediate release, but they can’t figure out why they don’t feel better in the long run.

Some people are better than others at hiding stress and anxiety, and they usually are the most “put-together people,” at least on the outside. You never know the battle people are fighting in their lives and what their triggers are, so be mindful of other people’s feelings. What seems normal and natural to you might be the very thing that triggers someone else.

There are ways to help heal our lives from stress that are more effective on some people than prescription medicine and therapy. The problem with the way doctors prescribe medications is that they are only treating the symptoms. This can be absolutely necessary for some because of mental health conditions but less effective in most cases.

Remember a few important keys while dealing with normal amounts of stress. Always try to get your harmful thoughts outside of your head in some way, or they will find a way out on their own. You really don’t want your thoughts to get a mind of their own and then have them “derail your train.” Finding a creative outlet to deal with your anxiety and frustrations is a healthier way then dwelling on it and popping a pill. On the other hand, repressing your feelings causes them to create pathways and scenarios that are not optimal for the health of your brain or your body.

Try taking deep breaths and thinking about something else that is pleasant. If it is a confrontational situation, change the subject or offer a distraction if necessary. Discuss it calmly with someone who is neutral if you have to, go for a walk, watch a funny show, or laugh about something. Learn to get over yourself and other people a little bit. Don’t take yourself and everything so seriously. Listen to music, watch a good sermon, pray, or meditate. Focus on anything that has a positive, calming effect. Mindfully choose peace over stress when you can. Here at Herbs and More we believe in alternative methods to stress and anxiety when other methods have failed. We carry many natural stress-relief products that can help with your cortisol levels (that can have many harmful effects on your body) and help improve your wellbeing. Lying on the BEMER energy mat can support the immediate relief of your stress and anxiety levels. There is a solution perfect for you if you allow it to work. We are committed to finding healthy alternatives to your health afflictions, including just plain stress and anxiety.

This message is brought to you by the gurus of good health and supplementation at Herbs and More in Athens, NHC in Killen, and Reflections in Lawrenceburg!

By: Lana Woody