Disease Ease

By: Roy P. Williams

Throughout my life and probably yours, we have heard about discoveries that extend life, reduce disease, increase quality of life, and even cure disease. Vitamin B-17 or Laetrile is just one example, and was touted as a very successful cancer cure. According to the doctor that was administrating it, over 80% were cancer free in just a few weeks of using it as the doctor suggested.

According to the stories, the doctor had so many people coming to him that the FDA and other government organizations caught word of it and threatened to arrest and imprison him if he continued to use it with his patients. It did not matter that there were dozens of his patients with medical reports proving that they had terminal cancer, and after the treatments with Laetrile, their medical reports showed a complete remission of the cancer.

Over the years, there have been hundreds of other doctors and scientists with similar results, and the same thing happened to them. The three letter agencies come in and intimidate, arrest, threaten, and even imprison them to shut them up. Many have been put in prison, under the color of law, without even receiving a fair trial, and almost as many have been reported as missing.

Attention Please

Over 15 years ago, a scientist, inventor, and highly educated man was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer that no one had ever survived. No one had ever lived more than 10 years after being diagnosed. Sam asked his oncologist, “How long can I expect to live.” His answer was devastating. It may be 10 years or 10 minutes.

With an impressive knowledge of the human body, along with his scientific knowledge, Sam decided to find a way to survive this devastating diagnosis. His studies led him to an all-natural supplement called astaxanthin, which had shown many positive results in giving the human body the ability to fight against cancer. Sam took the recommended dose for a while without any complications but was still having to do the blood treatments every month to survive a while longer.

Over time, Sam decided to double his dose, and after a few weeks, he was able to go two months before having the blood treatments. So, he decided to double that dose and sure enough he was able to go three months between treatments. Even though his blood work still indicated that the cancer was active, his life had definitely improved. So he did even more research and discovered that the actual cancer cells would not absorb the astaxanthin. His symptoms had improved; so he came to the conclusion that there had to be a way to trick the cancer into to absorbing the nutrient.

Then Sam discovered what he refers to as the Trojan horse. In his studies he had learned that cancer loves sugar, and he decided to fuse the astaxanthin with glucose, which is naturally in the nutrient but is lost in the extraction process. He has patented his process, proving that the cancer cells will gobble up the entire ingredient. In no time at all after taking it, he was able to prove that over 90% absorption was now taking place, and his cancer went into complete remission. It has now been over 16 years and his health has never been better. At 72, he is vibrant and active with no major health issues. Since then, it has been proven to put hundreds of people with a variety of cancers into full remission in just a few weeks.

As he continued his studies, he found out that this form of astaxanthin has proved to be the most powerful anti-inflammatory ever discovered, which has interested the entire world because all disease involves inflammation. One study, involving over 100 type II diabetics, every one of the participants were off all diabetic medications in 30 days. Since then, the same results have happened with thousands of other type II diabetics.

It stops free radical damage and decreases inflammation so effectively that it is a very successful support factor in those suffering with heart disease, arthritis of all types, Parkinson’s (patients having almost full relief of the shaking problems associated with it), prostate issues, neuropathy, all autoimmune disorders, and many other diseases.

To conclude this article, I would like to impress on everyone that this is a patented, all-natural, totally safe supplement that will not interfere with any medication. It has the FDA, GRASS classification and is safe for any age group. You are among some of the first to witness one of those miracles that has the potential to change the way humans support their health, lengthen the life span by decades, reduce suffering by huge percentage points, and help us in our quest to, “Make America Healthy One Person At A Time.

We are also thankful to be the first in the Southeast to be able to distribute this exclusive formula. Don’t be fooled. No other astaxanthin product even comes close to this specific patented product and at this time, we are the only company approved to make it available over the counter. Call today (256-233-0073) or come by NHC Herbs Shop in Killen or Herbs & More in Athens. It will change your health and give you a much higher quality of life.

Your friend in health,

Roy P. Williams