Caleb Lawler, Certified Financial Planner® With Edward Jones: Growth And Grace

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

In August of 2023, Caleb Lawler was able to step into his dream by opening his new office at the corner of Capshaw and East Limestone. At the time Caleb was the president of our local BNI chapter known as Limestone Leaders, and all of us had watched him study for months to pass the rigorous exam required to become a Certified Financial Planner® with the Edward Jones Company. It was almost like having a son pass his boards in med school, and we were like proud parents.

By way of background, Caleb is a graduate of UNA, and thought he would pursue a career in software engineering. While he genuinely loved it and was successful in his field, what he found he wanted to do more is help people with whom he could meet face to face. It was at a family BBQ that a relative suggested he look into becoming a financial advisor with Edward Jones, and he has never looked back.

So much has happened in the last year that the word “growth” doesn’t adequately describe it, but the word “grace” sure does. Caleb is a man of faith, loves to help and give, and genuinely gets pleasure assisting people to craft a plan so that they can live the life for which they have dreamed.

Speaking of dreams, this young father of four has three girls and now a son, Isaiah, who was born in March of this year. That has been a manifestation of growth and grace for which he and his wife Angie are most grateful.

Another aspect of continued blessing is the addition of Clay Parris, who has come alongside Caleb and will share his office, costs, and also his vision for helping clients. Rounding out the crew is Justine Meehan, who is known as a Client Support Team Member.

Edward Jones is a privately held, solid, reputable financial advising corporation that was formed in 1922 in St Louis, MO. They weathered the Great Depression, WWII, and several subsequent wars as well as recessions. It is well known for how it gives back to the community and teaches its advisors to do the same. I asked Caleb for an example, and he said, “When I was taking my initial training, they had seasoned veteran agents come in on their own time and teach us how to help our clients — what to say to say to them, how to ask the hard questions. Caleb now has a chance to “pay it forward” by mentoring Clay and is thoroughly enjoying the process.

He further describes Edward Jones as a company that concentrates on getting to know clients — finding out their needs, goals and dreams, and then developing a strategy that meets those needs. Having a high “EQ,” or emotional quotient is critical for success with the company, and it is something that I would say from knowing him for several years is one of his strongest gifts. Once Caleb finds out what is important to potential clients, he asks, “Is this goal attainable? If not, how can we change things so that it can become attainable? How can we get them back on track?”

Edward Jones is all about encouraging their advisors to get in touch with their “why” when it comes to the reason they chose to be financial planners. For Caleb, it was his grandfather. His Papaw worked hard all his life, had no one to guide him regarding his financial future, and retirement unexpectedly followed by his passing was a challenge for the whole family. Caleb wants to do everything he can to protect seniors on down to helping young people prepare for the future, even in a time of a highly unstable economy and political landscape and rising global tensions.

One of the things that will “help Caleb help” is a whole new software and IT service for both Edward Jones representatives as well as clients. Because Caleb came from a background that developed comparable software for other companies, he is a good judge of the quality of the new platform, and especially is enjoying how it streamlines things on his end, and empowers his clients to do their own research. The result is that the entire process is much more satisfying for everyone involved.

Edward Jones has a saying, and it is: “We can move farther, faster together.” Everything has come together for Caleb to do just that, and I can say from experience that he has a gift of explaining and exploring options that people such as myself, who haven’t had a great deal of experience with finance and investing, greatly appreciate. Book your no-obligation appointment with Caleb Lawler of Edward Jones, and begin your own “growth-and-grace” journey today.

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner