Building A Sustainable Lifestyle – Part 2

By: Nick Thomas

Take a moment and remember my last article, the reasons I listed for letting go of the yo-yo dieting and supplementation and embracing a truly healthy lifestyle. A low-stress-routine way of living which provides energy and confidence without feeling the need for the latest diet or supplement craze. A sustainable life which gives physical and mental stability along with energy for daily grind and then some.

The misconception with food and weight loss and/or maintenance is that it takes less calorie intake and more energy expenditure – WRONG! If you are not eating enough of the correct calories each day, the negative weight gain or loss effects WILL catch you eventually. The premise of my approach to nutrition is based on RMR (resting metabolic rate). The body has to have nutrients providing fuel to draw from in order to burn what is unwanted and grow muscle. Therefore, to achieve a sustainable healthy weight and energy level, more has to be taken in than it will take the body to function at a resting state each day.

Most people don’t want to hear this or are unwilling to believe the opposite of what society has always said, and therefore will inevitably fail – once again mindset is everything. Thoughts must change on food intake versus weight. Old habits die hard, this is a LIFESTYLE change not a diet! It will be tough to eat 5 times a day, it will be hard to eat the right foods, and it will be hard to do this consistently on time each day.  Sticking to the plan laid out will create new, LASTING habits in a 40- to 60-day time span.

Each person is made uniquely and has different overall goals, therefore a “one-size-fits-all” nutritional approach will NOT provide success. I believe strongly that body circumference and body fat measurements best aid my nutritional methods when it comes to individual meal plan design. I take weight, but this is by far NOT the primary focus at any point during this life changing journey. As a matter of fact, just throw the scale out! When these numbers are compiled and I have found your RMR, a personalized meal plan design can take place.

My sustainable approach to nutrition is focused on all-natural whole food. Based on the measurements and calculations I take and personal goals you share with me, I develop a plan which will consist of a balanced and timed daily intake of lean proteins, specific greens, healthy fats, complex carbs, and tons of water.

This approach is one that may sound simple on the surface but ultimately will take incredible discipline and hard work. The correct use of these things combined will provide the ability to create a new lifestyle which can be sustained throughout any phase of life successfully!

By: Nick Thomas

Owner of Prime Performance Training, and Certified Sports Nutritionist