Build Consistency For The Life You Want

By: D. A. Slinkard

If you want success in life, then you must learn how to build consistency in your life. I have been reflecting upon what contributes to the success of an individual, a group, a team, or even an organization, and I believe the biggest impact is consistency. What does this mean? What does this look like? The definition of consistency is “acting or done in the same way over time, especially so as to be fair or accurate.”

One can say that the word consistency is all about the process the individual, group, team, or organization has in place for how they go about their daily routines, and we need to realize something. We are all consistent in our lives whether we understand it or not. We have all built consistencies in our lives that impact the successes and failures we will see in our lifetime.

Sometimes we obtain failure because we are consistently taking the wrong actions or displaying the wrong behaviors. Other times we obtain success because we are consistently taking the right actions or displaying the right behaviors. We must take the time to become students in the game of life. We must slow down in order to properly evaluate what we are doing on a daily basis which brings us triumphs and also brings us tribulations.

Once we take the time to properly examine our lives, we will be able to understand the good, the bad, and the ugly qualities that make up our daily lives. With this knowledge, we will be able to teach ourselves how to build consistency in various aspects of our life that we previously thought were beyond our control. The funny thing is that when you start to pay attention to certain areas of your life, you will notice quickly both good and bad changes in these areas. If the change is positive, keep on doing it, but if the change is negative, then you must re-evaluate the action you will be taking.

The bad thing about being consistent in a positive manner is the amount of work it actually requires. In life, many people know and understand what we should be doing, but knowing and doing are two completely different things. This is where we have to take the time to be intentional as we set out to build consistency.

In Galatians 6:7, the Bible states, “…For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” – and this is a leading reason we must focus on the intentions of what we want to achieve. If we go at it half-heartedly when we sow, then the result is we are going to reap half-heartedly. You are going to get back what you put in. Now, this is another hard point for many people. Take a look in the mirror and tell me what you see. Do you see a person who gives 100% of everything you have, or do you see someone who is cruising through life?

If you are just cruising through life waiting for someone else to bring your dreams to you in the middle of the night, I’m going to go ahead and tell you it is just not going to happen that way. If you want to achieve your dreams, you’re going to have to go get them for yourself. You are going to have to be consistent in everything that you do to help ensure the success you are looking for.

If you say that you have already figured out how to be consistent, then might I kindly ask you to mentor someone else so they too can hopefully achieve the same level of success? Let’s be honest; we all are consistent in our lives but the question that remains is simple. Is it a good consistency or is it a bad consistency? What are you going to do to make yourself better today than you were yesterday?

We have one shot at this life, and we need to be living in the now. We need to continuously build from day to day so we can accomplish our heart’s desire. It is going to take work, and it will not be easy, but we must remember the law of sowing and reaping. What you are sowing today, you are going to reap tomorrow, but too many people become lazy when it comes to their future. What you are experiencing today is because of what you did yesterday. Take the time to build consistency for the life you want.

By: D. A. Slinkard

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