Boosting – Building – Believing

By: Roy P. Williams

It seems like everything is about COVID, jabs, boosters and fear. Those messages are on every news report, in every newspaper and magazine, on the internet, and even in our conversations. What’s really sad is that we are caught up in a cycle of repetitious programing that is designed to instill fear and dependency.

The powers that be — politicians, government agencies, pharmaceuticals, medical and international organizations such as the CDC, WHO, and many others — are involved in the programing of their ideas. On top of that, they think that just because they have the name, degree, license, or position, we should simply take their word for it even when the evidence and the science does not back what they are asking us to do.

That’s why NEWtritional Health Care has decided that our theme for 2022 is Boosting, Building and Believing. Because so many people are scared or confused about the vaccines, COVID, the variants, and what is safe or best for their health, we have decided to help everyone that wishes to know all their options understand that there are alternatives. What may surprise you is that in most cases, the alternatives are safer, just as or even more effective, and have no side effects. In 2022, you will learn how to protect yourself and those you love without the possibility of doing any damage to your body or your health.

  • Boosting your immune system should be first on your list for 2022. Conflicting reports about whether COVID-19 was made in a lab, came from a bat, or is naturally occurring isn’t as important as boosting your immune system. When the human immune system is functioning as God designed it to do, your health is protected.
  • Building your body at a cellular level is second on the list of importance. Maintaining your health or regaining your health begins at a cellular level. Healthy cells create healthy organs, which in turn creates healthy systems, which creates a balanced, healthy body.
  • Believing that God designed the human body to make corrections and heal is fundamental for maintaining a higher quality of life. It’s easy to understand that fact if you have ever cut yourself. The second it happens your brain, through the central nervous system, is immediately notified that your body has been damaged. Even if you ignore it, your immune system is notified and begins the miracle of healing. It will heal provided it has the necessary nutrients.

With those fundamentals in mind, let me explain how the three Bs can help you live a long, healthy life without being so dependent on the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry. Your immune system is your main defense against all types of dangers. It is so impressive that man cannot come close to replicating what it does, even with the most impressive medications ever produced.

The mainstream media is trying to drive us into a panic over the COVID “plandemic.” No, that is not a typo. Trust me when I say, “the whole scheme is a plan to make everyone dependent on the medical profession and their man-made solutions.” Please, do your own research before putting yourself and your loved ones in danger by taking an unapproved vaccine that is more likely to kill you than the virus.

Boosting: Thousands of people have decided to protect themselves using all-natural supplements that have, in many cases, centuries of success without any of the dangerous side effects or deaths that the vaccines are causing. IS-3 is just one of those products. The three main ingredients have proven to support your immune system by increasing the natural-Killer T-cell activity while activating your white blood cells (macrophages) that destroy pathogens such as the viruses, bacteria, and many other dangerous invaders such as cancer cells.

Building: Also important to consider while boosting your immune system is making all the cells of your body stronger by supplementing with the most important vitamins such as Vitamin D-5000, MSM+C and Ultimate Fruit & Veggie, which contain the nutrients found in 5 servings of raw fruit and vegetables in each daily dose.

Believing: At NEWtritional Health Care LLC, we teach that your body was designed by God with a built-in knowledge to heal. If you supply your body with all the nutrients your body needs, it will repair or replace all the old, damaged, and dying cells with new cells that are equal or even better than the ones being replaced.

At NEWtritional Health Care, our goal has always been to, “Make America Healthy One Person At A Time.” The only question left is — Will you be next? Visit us at NHC Herb Shop in Killen, Herbs & More in Athens, or visit our website at You can also order or ask questions by calling 256-757-0660.

Your friend in health,

Roy P. Williams