Back To The Bell! Yes, School Is Back In Session!

By: Jackie Warner

Early mornings…drowsy children…and what, oh what are we doing for breakfast? — you know it must nutritious – yeah, right! Some parents and guardians have it down and make it work seamlessly but then there are the rest of us who after all these years still must get it together and put a plan in action that keeps everyone sane! Well sane at least for the morning we are having that day.

I was reading a post on Facebook that really resonated with me and so yes, I am going to share it with you as well.

Here are some tips, I am working on too!

  • Wake up with prayer and a hug
  • Have a checklist and specified time limits for morning routines/activities; use a timer
  • Prepare school clothes the night before or even for the whole week
  • Meal prep on Saturday or Sunday items such as a breakfast casserole or breakfast egg muffins and then freeze individual servings for microwave heat-up each morning
  • Ensure homework is completed right after school and have a designated place to complete it
  • All school papers should be put in a designated area for parent review and signatures each day
  • Ban screen time during morning
  • Have backpacks and lunch boxes ready the night before
  • Get to bed early so it is easier to get up 15 minutes earlier!
  • Breathe and laugh a little — Speak encouragement and love!

Until Next Time, Be

Sincere, Kind and Intentional

Jackie Warner, Community Outreach Specialist


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