Are You At Your Tipping Point?

By: Roy R. Williams

NEWtritional Health Care has been in business for almost 25 years, and God has blessed us in so many ways that I simply can’t express them in this short article. Over 50 years ago I got turned on to nutrients and the value they offer the people who are willing to make a consistent effort to add them to their diet. We are designed to eat two or three times a day, not only to satisfy hunger, but to help meet the nutritional needs for cellular reproduction.

Humans lose a billion skin cells a day, over a million digestive cells each hour, and will replace all soft cell tissue every year. Cells have a life span. When a single cell divides, each of those cells begins its life cycle. Just like the individual, each individual cell becomes damaged, weakens, and then dies and is discarded. Your body is in a constant challenge to manufacture new cells and is either balanced, making new cells just as fast as those that are dying or regressing, or losing more cells than it is manufacturing.

Manufacturing is the specific word I choose to use in this description of cellular health. You may ask, how does your body manufacture new cells? In order to answer that question, I must address another question. What are cells made from? There are hundreds of cell types that make up our bodies. Skin cells are different than muscle cells. Stomach cells are different than brain cells, and reproductive cells are not the same as bone cells.

So, that brings us back to the question, what are cells manufactured from? With over 50 years of research in this field, I have discovered that each type of cell in the human body has specific nutritional needs. (Note – the definition of nutrition is the raw material your body needs so it can manufacture new cells to replace the damaged and dying ones.) As we age, we all come to what I call the tipping point. That is the point when your body is no longer manufacturing new cells as fast as you are losing them.

As we reach the tipping point, the signs of aging become more and more apparent. Lower energy levels, weaker vision, more aches and pains, reduced agility and range of motion, changes in hair color, less sexual energy, and skin damage. To one degree or another, all of this is due to our inability to manufacture new, healthy cells as fast as those dying. Osteo-arthritis is our inability to manufacture cartilage cells as fast as we are wearing the older cells out. Bone loss or osteoporosis is bone cells dying faster than you are manufacturing new, healthy bone cells. Thinning skin and weak fingernails happen when you are losing more skin cells than you are manufacturing.

All of those disorders and many others are simply nutritional deficiencies. This is due in large part to the foods we have been encouraged to eat, which do not contain even half the nutrients necessary to support the human body well enough to stop the regression. With a 50% deficiency of nutrients, we are slowly degenerating. Over time it begins to show on the surface, but what may be even more devasting is what’s going on internally — weakening of the circulatory system, less bone mineral density, and even a shrinking of brain matter, just to name a few.

All the medical profession and pharmaceutical industry has to offer are drugs and surgeries to treat the symptoms. Ever had your doctor tell you that you need to start taking supplements to reverse the causes of your disease? Do any of your doctors explain that the cause of your disorders are nutritional deficiencies? No, but they will almost always prescribe a drug to treat the symptoms. Please remember, not one cell of your body is dependent on a drug for survival. However, every one of the billions of cells that make up the human body are totally dependent on nutrients necessary to manufacture healthy cells throughout your body.

Knowing that almost all disease is a result of nutritional deficiencies, don’t you think that it is time to make supplementing a part of your everyday life? Most vitamins and minerals should be taken with food because when you eat, your body releases saliva and enzymes that help with absorption. For this reason, taking supplements when eating is ideal for maximum results.

To learn more, go by Herbs & More in Athens or NHC Herb Shop in Killen or go to our website at It won’t be long before everyone will notice the improvements. WARNING: In a few weeks you may have more energy, look and feel younger, start getting better medical reports, need fewer meds, have less pain, and begin to get more done.

Your friend in health,

Roy P. Williams