A Firm Foundation In Unstable Times

By: Lynne Hart

Many of you who read our articles and receive our e-newsletters are faithful followers of KALB, and may know that this past five months have been difficult. Between the closing of the recycling center and finding a replacement for our wonderful Executive Director Leigh Patterson, our KALB Commission has had their hands full! We have experienced some administrative setbacks; however, due to people who love this organization, there is no chance of failure!

I would personally like to thank Leigh for stepping back in to help with administrative tasks, which she is handling in addition to her full-time job. I am handling the newsletters and other communication tasks, while Marilyn Ford, who was the KALB secretary many years ago, has stepped in temporarily to handle day-to-day tasks on a part-time basis.

Our KALB Commission has had to deal with so much since we learned the Recycling Center would have to close. David Ohlrich, Chris Becker, Jeannie Pirtle, and Lisa Garlen worked with Keri Chalmers as she finalized sorting, baling, and selling the last of the materials, pulling in equipment, and completely cleaning out the building and property. It was a very difficult task, but with the help of District 4 Commissioner LaDon Townsend and County Commission Chairman Collin Daly, the work was completed in a timely manner. And the good news is that recycling will return to Limestone County as a municipal program in the not-too-distant future!

During that same period of time, our KALB Commission was dealing with finding a replacement for the KALB executive director position. Unfortunately, they are starting that search once again. It has not been an easy task. Jeannie Pirtle, Jennifer Baxter, Donna and John Cotten, and Lisa Garlen took the reins and tried to find the most qualified applicant and offer assistance. One must love what our organization stands for because the funds we work with on an annual basis do not allow us to provide a salary worthy of the job. With only a full-time director and part time secretary/office manager, there is a lot to be done, so self-direction and motivation are absolute requirements. I truly loved what I did and never dreaded Monday mornings. It was the diversity of responsibilities and challenges that kept me there for 21 years and Leigh for 9.

So, I would like to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of the KALB commissioners who stepped in and stepped up their game during these tumultuous times, as well as Leigh Patterson and Marilyn Ford for stepping in to ensure this organization continues our presence and moves forward.  Without their leadership and belief in this organization, we could not have survived this rollercoaster ride we have been on! THANK YOU for your dedication to Keep Athens-Limestone Beautiful and for all that you do!

By: Lynne Hart